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Planter stainless steel - why should you use it ?

Stainless steel planters are very expensive because of the material, namely 1.4301 stainless steel. As a rule, all our stainless steel planters are made with a thickness of 1.5 mm on the sides and 2 mm on the bottom. Through this, we ensure high quality at an absolute top price - because especially other manufacturers of stainless steel planters rely on a thickness of 1 mm and have a higher or the same price as we do. Due to the stainless steel thickness of 1.5 mm, you can be sure that your stainless steel planter also withstands wind & weather and has a high stability. In addition, you can fill the planter as you wish, because bending, which is possible with a smaller thickness, we exclude through this. Thus, you can enjoy your stainless steel planter carefree and many, many years.

Stainless steel planter - what is the surface of the stainless steel ?

The stainless steel we use is usually brushed. The brushed design gives you an exclusive, unique look every day - we promise you'll be looking for stainless steel furnishings hereafter, as everyone has fallen in love with this stunning look so far. Since our steel art forge relies almost exclusively on stainless steel and we have dedicated all our passion & enthusiasm to this material, everything at our company is geared towards creating perfect stainless steel pieces. For this reason, we already rely on suitable storage for brushed stainless steel, in order to cater to the special characteristics of the stainless steel. For the processing we use exclusively wire brushes with stainless steel trimmings and a grinding behavior that is optimally adapted to the special properties of the stainless steel, since the brushed design is created by multiple, time-intensive grinding. This requires a high level of technical know-how - which we possess through our 35 years of experience with stainless steel.

Is it possible to use polished stainless steel for the planters ?

Polished stainless steel is created by extensive, precise polishing. Thus, you have a shiny surface in which the environment is reflected and a very beautiful sight awaits you. Of course, we can also make plant pots from polished stainless steel for you - please use our contact page.

Stainless steel planter - what is 1.4301 or V2A stainless steel and what are its characteristics ?

1.4301 stainless steel is also commonly known as V2A stainless steel, is a chromium-nickel steel and is characterized by its good weldability with electrical processes. The carbon content must be below a percentage of 0.08, which makes the stainless steel corrosion resistant. The stainless steel is also approved for temperature stresses up to 600 degrees and is particularly useful when resistance to water, moisture or weak acids is required. It is therefore a material that is very resistant and is particularly appreciated for its high durability coupled with its attractive appearance.

What stainless steel thickness is best for stainless steel planters ?

We clearly recommend a thickness of 1.5 mm on the sides and 2 mm on the bottom, so that the stainless steel planter has a high stability and remains robust. With this thickness, as a rule, our stainless steel flower pots are also made. A higher stainless steel thickness is only necessary if the stainless steel planter is to be accordingly large. This is then also necessary so that the stainless steel does not bend due to the heavy filling and remains stable.

Stainless steel planters - custom made and custom planters

Stainless steel planters according to individual dimensions are possible with us - since we manufacture the planters in our steel art forge, we can also realize your desired sizes. For this purpose please use our contact page. We will contact you within 24 hours with an estimate. Not only individual dimensions are possible, but also individual shapes.

What shapes of stainless steel planters are recommended for which application ?

Our stainless steel planter "Elegance" with dimensions of 90x30x30 cm (HxWxL) beautifies your interior and is an absolute eye-catcher in the living room or for example for the hallway. Inside a frame is anchored, so you do not have to fill the planter completely and can simply put a plant in a vase, for example. The stainless steel planter "Noble Aesthetics" is a unique sight, especially in the complete package. For example, if you place them in your terrace with different heights, you will achieve a very beautiful, attractive result that will delight you.