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High quality ethanol fireplaces

With us you will find first-class ethanol fireplaces for your home. As a German manufacturer, we produce ethanol fireplaces in various shapes and sizes. Here we rely for our fireplaces exclusively on high-quality materials that are designed for a lifetime of use. Our highest priority is a qualitative value of the highest quality - the ethanol fireplaces from our manufactory are made by expert craftsmanship into designer pieces that create an excellent ambience. For individual designs or size changes, please feel free to contact us - almost all individual requirements can be realized by us.

General information about the ethanol fireplace

An ethanol fireplace, as the name suggests, is powered by ethanol or burning gel. This type of fuel grants the ethanol fireplace excellent advantages over conventional fireplaces - the ethanol burns without odor and residue, so no chimney is needed. It is also much more convenient to use - you do not need firewood and do not have to clean the fireplace first after each fire and dispose of the residues. Also, the purchased firewood is expensive in price and must be stored properly - for this you need a suitable storage place that remains dry. All these disadvantages are eliminated with an ethanol fireplace and make the fire ambience very pleasant, because it does not involve any effort. 

An ethanol fireplace can be placed anywhere and enjoy the atmospheric fire in any room. Usually, an ethanol fireplace consists of the outer casing and the combustion chamber. The combustion chamber is filled with ethanol or burning gel and then ignited. As with a lighter, the flame remains small at first and then extends fully to the end of the combustion chamber. The flame height and the heat output can then be regulated and influenced by the slide of the combustion chamber. To light the fire, it is best to use a stick lighter or a long match. Keep a sufficient safety distance when doing so. 

The ethanol fireplace and safety

When buying an ethanol fireplace, many questions arise around the issue of safety. First of all, the purchased ethanol should be stored in a dry, cool and safe place. In this regard, never buy too large quantities, all stored in the same place - better safe than sorry. 

When using the ethanol fireplace, make sure that the room is ventilated at regular intervals. The burning of ethanol leads to oxygen consumption - by regular ventilation you ensure a regular exchange of oxygen. Furthermore, you should choose the place of the ethanol fireplace so that no easily flammable objects are in the immediate vicinity. Also, the ethanol fireplace should always be under a supervisor - never leave the house when the fire in the fireplace is still burning. 

It is also important not to refill ethanol when the combustion chamber is still hot and contains residual ethanol. To ensure excellent safety, it is advisable to let the combustion chamber cool down after an ethanol fireplace before refilling ethanol and reigniting it.

Different types of ethanol fireplace

The high popularity of the ethanol fireplace naturally leads to the fact that each prospective customer has different ideas and requirements for an ethanol fireplace. Therefore, there are also different types:

  • Wall fireplaces: This type of fireplace is usually mounted on the wall. 
  • Freestanding fireplaces: These ethanol fireplaces are freestanding fireplaces that can be set up and placed anywhere. In most cases, no further assembly work is required, so you can immediately enjoy the fire after receiving the desired ethanol fireplace. 
  • Table fireplaces: Ethanol tabletop fireplaces are mostly very small and are placed on tables, dressers or side tables. Due to the small size, usually the combustion chamber is also small, so a fire does not last very long.

We at Stahlkunst Manufaktur specialize in free-standing ethanol fireplaces. However, as a manufactory we have also produced many wall fireplaces for our customers. Mostly we use high quality stainless steel, because this material is very durable and robust. You are welcome to contact us for individual wishes. 

Tips when buying the ethanol fireplace

Think in advance where you want the fireplace in your premises and whether the fireplace will still be there in a few years. For example, a wall-mounted fireplace can be mounted on the wall to save space, so this type of fireplace is well suited for the bedroom. With a free-standing ethanol fireplace, on the other hand, you acquire a noble designer piece, which, for example, in the living room can not only enjoy an atmospheric fire, but also serves as a visual highlight. With a wall-mounted fireplace, you should be very sure that the fireplace will remain in the place you intended - if you change your mind, the fireplace must be remounted and installed in another place, where first of all the space for this must also be given. This always takes time and costs nerves. With a free-standing ethanol fireplace, on the other hand, you are much more flexible for the future, because the fireplace can be moved without any problems. Our ethanol fireplaces usually have a weight between 20 - 30 kilograms and are easily portable, especially for 2 people. 

Heating power of the ethanol fireplace

An ethanol fireplace can not compete with a firewood fireplace in terms of heating value and serves more as a decorative fire highlight. Ethanol fireplaces produce a maximum heat output of 8 kilowatts per hour, on average, with most ethanol fireplaces a heating value of 3 kilowatts per hour is achievable. The heat is well felt immediately in front of the fireplace, while it never gets too hot. Therefore, when buying an ethanol fireplace, you should not intend to use it to heat your room. 

Suitable ethanol for the fireplace

Here we are not allowed to name a manufacturer or dealer for a particular ethanol brand. In general, however, you should not rely on a cheap ethanol for cost reasons - this can easily go in the wrong direction. Cheap ethanol unfortunately often has the disadvantage that these are not 100% alcohol, so that the combustion of ethanol is also not completely flawless and pollutants are released into the air. You will also notice this in the fact that an unpleasant smell can often be perceived - the combustion of the ethanol is namely odorless. 

Ethanol fireplace freestanding - our recommendation

We recommend you to buy a free-standing ethanol fireplace, because this type of fireplace is a special highlight in the interior and is flexible in use. You can easily move the fireplace to another place, if you ever redecorate or remodel your interior. Our freestanding designer ethanol fireplace from our manufactory shines with brilliant quality and first-class appearance - a unique eye-catcher that truly inspires. Furthermore, the fireplace meets the highest safety standards and is manufactured entirely by master craftsmen in our manufactory near Aachen. The comfortable combustion chamber allows a burning time of up to 6 hours and includes a slider to change the flame height as desired and extinguish the fire in seconds if necessary. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.