Care set stainless steel 2x noble cleaner


  • The professional cleaning set for shining stainless steel: With the powerful Stahlkunst stainless steel cleaning set, consisting of the extra strong citrus cleaner and the stainless steel professional spray, you get two professionally cleaning industrial cleaners to free stainless steel surfaces from stubborn dirt and help them to shine.
  • Excellent cleaning effect with long-lasting gloss effect: Beautiful stainless steel requires regular care. The combination set unfolds a strong cleaning effect, removes virtually all common soiling and applies a sealing film to protect the stainless steel from new soiling, flash rust and other weather damage. Radiant cleanliness, long-lasting cleanliness & a subtle fresh scent go hand in hand with cleaning.
  • Simple & at the same time effective application: Use the powerful citrus cleaner for the first cleaning, which removes especially the stubborn and coarse dirt. Then perform a second cleaning step with the stainless steel professional spray - after that your stainless steel shines & shines like new. At the same time, the professional spray contains an effective, long-lasting protective film against further soiling.
  • 1x stainless steel professional spray (500 ml) & 1x Citral Plus spray (500 ml)
  • Free shipping when purchased together with another steel art work piece

Delivery time: 2 - 3 working days

Optional: Order ethanol combustion chamber for use with smokeless bioethanol fire (for indoor & outdoor use)

Ethanol stainless steel combustion chamber for fire bowls (smoke & soot-free fire with ethanol) 199,99 
Product price: 27,99 

Awarded several times and appeared in various magazines.

Fire bowls