Designer stainless steel fire bowl "Residence


  • First-class ambience & brilliant design - best fire evenings with the premium fire bowl "Residenz": The excellent designer fire bowl is an absolute showpiece among the fire bowls and brings the fire to life in a particularly stylish way. The premium fire bowl is accompanied by an exclusive flair that shapes the surrounding atmosphere of your outdoor area and creates a very noble charm.
  • High quality & excellent workmanship: Impressive quality and excellent workmanship distinguish the premium fire bowl "Residenz" in a special way. The fire bowl impresses with its outstanding appearance and the use of the best stainless steel, which in this interaction represents the highest class in terms of quality.
  • Decades of durability through high-quality stainless steel with high material thickness: A unique investment for your life - the entire designer piece is made exclusively of high-quality V2A stainless steel and remains rust-free, weatherproof & corrosion-resistant. At the same time, the shell has a high material thickness of 3 mm stainless steel and is enormously robust as well as indestructible.
  • From German workmanship & 10-year warranty: The fire bowl comes fully German craftsmanship from our own craftsmanship. Here, our manufacture offers a 10-year guarantee that the fire bowl remains rust-free and does not thermally deform.

Delivery time: 10 - 15 working days

Optional: Order suitable accessories

Stainless steel lid 104,99 
Stainless steel grill ring 174,99 
Stainless steel spark arrestor 259,99 
Stainless steel fire bowl cooking rack for Dutchoven/Wok 189,99 
Stainless steel pizza oven for fire bowls 149,99 
Stainless steel tripod for grill grate/Dutchoven/kettle 199,99 
Flame salmon board set of 2 49,99 
Care set stainless steel 2x noble cleaner 27,99 
Stainless steel poker 80 cm 24,99 
Stainless steel heat shield 32,99 
10x Stainless Steel Campfire Skewers for Barbecue, Bread Sticks & More 32,99 
2x stainless steel jugs for hot drinks (cocoa, mulled wine & Co) 550 ml 34,99 
Matching steel art cover (⌀ 72 cm, weatherproof) 29,99 
Wax-soaked wood wool firelighter 3 KG (pollutant-free & burns for a long time) 15,99 

Optional: rainwater borehole

Optional: Order ethanol combustion chamber for use with smokeless bioethanol fire (for indoor & outdoor use)

Ethanol stainless steel combustion chamber for fire bowls (smoke & soot-free fire with ethanol) 199,99 
Product price: 1.499,99 

Awarded several times and appeared in various magazines.

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