Outdoor stainless steel cleaver


The archaic cleaver - back to the origins of mankind, with the best blade steel of traditional master craftsmanship.

This high-quality outdoor cleaver made of first-class stainless steel looks like a blade of earlier times - from the times of hunters & gatherers, in which the processing and roasting of meat at the daily campfire were essential for survival. This first-class outdoor cleaver fulfills this function to this day, with the best precision - the cutting of meat, vegetables & fish is child's play due to the excellent sharpness of the knife and the blade also remains extremely sharp for a long time.

Long-lasting durability & first-class knife properties 

Perfectly suited for outdoor use - the stainless steel cleaver is enormously robust, durable and remains rust-free forever. The long and wide blade opens up a variety of uses, both indoors and outdoors: any fried/cooked food can be cut smoothly & quickly with the cleaver. Featuring a noticeably classy wooden handle, this archaic knife is something very special and impresses with its high quality - from its solid stainless steel blade to its powerful cutting ability. The cleaver is made of 3 mm solid stainless steel, manufactured per traditional processing methods. The archaic look makes cutting easier and brings a flair of a time when fire ensured the survival of mankind.

Discover outdoor cooking

In an increasingly complicated world, man longs for simplicity & life in harmony with nature. Cooking on an open fire, outside, in nature, is a real experience soothing to the soul - whether alone or with the family. Listen to the crackling of the burning branches, listen to the singing birds and enjoy the sunset, while you prepare a natural dish, cooking on the campfire, free from any technology. Our hand-ground outdoor cleaver made of high quality stainless steel is the perfect utensil to enjoy a fantastic experience in outdoor as well as conventional cooking and to hold a unique knife in your hand during preparation, which is top class in terms of material quality, sharpness and robustness.

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Optional: Order matching stainless steel care set as well

Care set stainless steel 2x noble cleaner 27,99 
Product price: 74,99 

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