10 liters of premium bioethanol with a romantic pine cone scent


  • Stylish flame with atmospheric pine cone scent - with the Stahlkunst bioethanol for romantic evenings: Enjoy a wonderful ambience with the Stahlkunst bioethanol for your ethanol fireplace. The qualitative 96.6% bioethanol gives life to a beautiful flame image, which creates a stylish atmosphere and flickers aesthetically. As an atmospheric highlight, the Stahlkunst bioethanol sprays a romantic pine cone scent in the room, which increases the well-being and makes the room cozy, warm & harmonious.
  • Beautiful smelling pine cone fragrance - inspired by an atmospheric walk in the idyllic woods: Stop during a walk in the woods and breathe deeply in and out - the intense scents have a soothing effect on the body and leave you feeling at peace, relaxed, away from stress and work. This is how to describe the pine cone scent, which is inspired by the scents during a romantic walk in the woods - with fragrant spruces & pines. Relaxation, tranquility and a contemplative time enter the cozy home and enjoy a romantic atmosphere.
  • Smokeless combustion - suitable for any ethanol fireplaces: With the Stahlkunst bioethanol you can fill any ethanol fireplaces, from small to large. Thereby a clean combustion without smoke or soot takes place. From a health point of view, the bioethanol is completely harmless and can therefore be used indoors without any problems.
  • Contains 10 liters of 96.6% steel art bioethanol with the scent of pine cones

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Awarded several times and appeared in various magazines.

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