Design ethanol table fireplace "Kristallfeuer" table fire

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  • Brilliant flame ambience with the "Kristallfeuer" designer stainless steel table fireplace - stylish, extravagant & impressive: The elegant "Kristallfeuer" table fireplace enchants with a brilliant flame that swirls around and creates a warm ambience. The stylish table fireplace takes over the room in a magical way and attracts everyone's attention - a unique campfire atmosphere in an elegant style invites you to have a wonderful, sociable time around the table fire, where you can enjoy laughing and clinking glasses.
  • High quality & outstanding appearance - a sculptural design highlight: The beautiful table fireplace impresses with its noble aesthetics, which are second to none and significantly characterize the ambience of the room - whether with or without fire, the table fireplace convinces with decorative extra class in every respect and brings timeless elegance to life through the interplay of the sculpture-like shape & the indestructible material.
  • Decades of durability & quality class - 5 mm solid stainless steel: 100% made of high-quality 5 mm V2A stainless steel, the ethanol table fireplace remains rust-free, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant forever. This means you can enjoy beautiful evenings by the fire for decades with the stylish "Kristallfeuer" table fireplace - the table fire remains as good as new for many years and impresses with its beautiful appearance. The high material thickness of 5 mm is unique and makes the table fireplace a masterpiece of German craftsmanship.
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use: The "Kristallfeuer" ethanol table fireplace can be used both indoors and outdoors. Operation with ethanol is smoke- and soot-free as well as odorless, so the table fireplace can be used anywhere. You can also enjoy the beautiful fire outdoors.
  • Beautiful, swirling flames with a fire duration of 2 hours - an eye-catcher in itself: the special architecture of the table fireplace means that the flames shoot from the bottom to the top edge, creating a spectacular flame spectacle. The artistic flames circle around each other and create an impressive swirl that you will want to watch the whole time. An impressive highlight.
  • High level of safety: The "Kristallfeuer" designer table fireplace guarantees a high level of safety - the flames are completely framed and secured by the two glass panes. The base of the tabletop fireplace does not get hot, so it can be placed on a wide variety of surfaces - from wood to glass.
  • Made in Germany: the table fireplace is manufactured in the Stahlkunst Edelstahl Manufaktur and impresses with its flawless workmanship and the high quality of the stainless steel used. A masterpiece, made to last for eternity.
  • 50 cm height, 12 cm diameter
  • approx. 400 ml capacity, including extinguishing rod

Delivery time: 2 - 4 working days

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Design ethanol table fireplace "Kristallfeuer" table fire 159,99  127,99 

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