Stainless steel designer table fire "Brilliance" lantern

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  • Stylish fire romance for your home - the noble table fire "Brilliance" with great light ambience: With the designer table fire "Brilliance" you get romantic candle atmosphere & luxurious flair for your interior. The beautiful designer piece is a great eye-catcher and can be ideally placed on the table or on the floor to create a unique ambience of candlelight.
  • Brilliant aesthetics & optics - decades of durability: The designer lantern is made of high quality 2 mm V2A stainless steel and remains forever rust-free, corrosion & heat resistant. For decades, the aesthetics of the beautiful stainless steel remains as good as new and modern noble. In conjunction with the timeless design, the table fire "Brilliance" is an absolute highlight in terms of quality & appearance.
  • Breathtaking light ambience: A candle flame is particularly impressive with the stainless steel table fire - the light is multiplied in an impressive way & emitted in all four directions. This creates a great light atmosphere that provides relaxation, tranquility & romance in your interior.
  • From German workmanship - qualitative extra class: The designer piece "Brilliance" is manufactured in the Stahlkunst Edelstahl Manufaktur by meticulous handwork in imperial Aachen. Noble workmanship & qualitative class make the stainless steel table fire a true masterpiece of German craftsmanship - and something very special for your owners.
  • 20x20x35 cm (LxWxH)

Delivery time: 5 - 7 working days

Optional: Order matching stainless steel care set as well

Care set stainless steel 2x noble cleaner 24,99 
Product price: 249,99 

Awarded several times and appeared in various magazines.

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