Stainless steel grill ring


  • Food safe: The V2A stainless steel we use is food safe & easy to clean - you can start grilling immediately after receiving the grill tray and grill without hesitation, as the material is ideal for use with food.
  • The perfect grilling experience on the fire bowl: Whether meat, vegetables or other grilled food - with the grill bowl you grill relaxed with a fast heat development, which saves you time and grills the food nice & juicy.
  • Barbecue without having to refill charcoal: The grill tray stores the heat of the fire for a long time with a perfect heat distribution over the whole grill tray and is still hot after hours - you have less effort and a considerably longer grilling experience than with conventional charcoal grills !
  • Enjoy a nice cocoa and other hot drinks to the atmospheric campfire magic: Whether at the atmospheric campfire magic or in the evening after the barbecue - keep your cocoa and other hot drinks nice and warm on the grill bowl and enjoy the romantic atmosphere.
  • Healthier grilling: Grilling on a grill ring is healthier than using a grill grate because the food does not come into direct contact with the fire and there is no grease dripping onto the fire - which produces toxic fumes that are considered carcinogenic.
  • 4 mm thick V2A stainless steel: The high-quality grill ring is made of V2A stainless steel with a high material thickness of 4 mm. Pure quality from German manufacture.
  • Suitable for all fire bowls up to a diameter of 70 cm

Delivery time: 2 - 4 working days

Optional: Order matching stainless steel care set as well

Care set stainless steel 2x noble cleaner 27,99 

Matching barbecue ring

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Stainless steel inner grate for grill ring 99,99 
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Optional: Order ethanol combustion chamber for use with smokeless bioethanol fire (for indoor & outdoor use)

Ethanol stainless steel combustion chamber for fire bowls (smoke & soot-free fire with ethanol) 199,99 
Product price: 174,99 

Awarded several times and appeared in various magazines.

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