Premium Damascus cleaver hand ground

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  • Highest perfection & enormous quality - the premium damask knife "Steel Art": Experience a cutting experience of a special kind. The high-performance knife offers excellent cutting ability with long-lasting sharpness at the same time. Despite its size, the damask knife lies easily in the hand and cuts any type of cut material (meat, vegetables, fish and more) due to the special shape of the blade.
  • Blade steel of the highest quality class: The premium knife is forged from the high-quality Damascus steel of the first quality class, the so-called "VG-10". The cleaver is made of extremely highly hardened 2 mm material strong steel, which is then coated with 67 layers of soft, elastic Damascus steel. This results in an extremely resilient blade with first-class edge retention and a high degree of hardness.
  • Excellent sharpness, even after prolonged use: The damask knife shines with excellent sharpness even after prolonged use. From the special manufacturing procedure, the damascus knife "steel art" also provides excellent toughness & elasticity, which makes cutting easy.
  • Rustproof & eternally durable: Resulting from the high quality blade steel, the Damascus knife remains rustproof and guarantees an impressive durability. A first-class knife with the best features, forged for generations.
  • 30×0,2×7 cm (LxWxH), of which blade length 17 cm
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Awarded several times and appeared in various magazines.

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