Stainless steel pizza oven for fire bowls


  • Close to nature, original & atmospheric - idyllic baking experiences at the pizza oven for the fire bowl: Experience baking at the wood fire - feel the heat of the fire, smell the scent of crispy dough and finish with a freshly baked pizza, originally prepared at the hot wood fire. Traditional preparation on the fiery wood fire oven is the best way of baking with delicious taste - because only here you get the fresh roasted aromas from the idyllic wood fire. Bake in the most original way & manner - the way it has been celebrated for hundreds of years.
  • Suitable for traditional preparation of pizzas, bread, baguettes & other baking delights: With the pizza oven for your fire bowl you bake pizzas & bread up close at the traditional wood fire. Here the world of baking is open to you - from fresh bread, Neapolitan pizza to delicious baguettes, you can prepare any delights in the fiery pizza oven - with incomparable flavors that can not be achieved in the normal oven.
  • First-class heat effect - up to over 400 degrees: The pizza oven can be heated up to over 400 degrees by the fire underneath. So you have the ideal heat for great pizzas, bread & Co - just like the pizza maker or master baker. The bottom of the pizza oven is perforated for a powerful heat effect, so that the required heat is reached within a very short time - both the bottom and top heat.
  • Long lasting durability: the pizza oven remains rustproof, heatproof & food safe - so you get a long durability & usability of the pizza oven, achieved by the qualitative stainless steel. Extra manufactured for use at high temperatures.
  • Detachable feet: The 4 stainless steel feet of the pizza oven can be easily screwed on and off. So you can put the pizza oven not only on a fire bowl, but also on a conventional grill or even on the steel art grill ring.
  • From German workmanship: The entire pizza oven is manufactured in the Stahlkunst Edelstahl Manufaktur. Traditional, German craftsmanship - coupled with high quality in material and workmanship.
  • Pizza stone included: The matching pizza stone for the pizza oven is supplied directly free of charge.
  • 40 x 33,5 x 39,5 cm (LxWxH) 

Delivery time: 2 - 4 working days

Optional: Order matching stainless steel care set as well

Care set stainless steel 2x noble cleaner 27,99 

Recommended: Order high-quality stainless steel pizza peel at the same time

Size: 30 cm stainless steel blade diameter. 16 cm long, elegant wooden handle. Order free of charge.

Stainless steel pizza peel with wooden handle 23,99 

Optional: Order ethanol combustion chamber for use with smokeless bioethanol fire (for indoor & outdoor use)

Ethanol stainless steel combustion chamber for fire bowls (smoke & soot-free fire with ethanol) 199,99 
Product price: 149,99 

Awarded several times and appeared in various magazines.

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