Cast iron wok


  • High-quality cast iron wok for great dishes: The wok is made of high-quality cast iron and lets you conjure up delicious dishes - from delicious steaks to vegetable pans, everything can be grilled & cooked on the wok. The wok gives the food again a fiery extra flavor, which pleases the palate - an absolute highlight.
  • Excellent taste: due to the special material properties of the wok, when cooking or grilling, the taste intensifies, which is why especially professional chefs use cast iron. The taste of the dish prepared on the wok is truly delicious and a lot better than on a normal pan.
  • Good heat storage: The wok absorbs heat very well and stores it for a long time. Thus, when cooking over an open fire, it is possible to cook well even with a small fire.
  • High heat resistance: The cast iron wok can easily withstand high temperatures and is therefore ideal for outdoor cooking. Extremely robust & easy to clean.
  • Long-lasting durability: Consisting of high-quality cast iron, the wok impresses with a long-lasting durability for many years - indestructible. Even after many years of use, the wok retains its shape and features.
  • 36 cm inner diameter (without handles)

Delivery time: 2 - 3 working days

Optional: Order the matching cooking rack for your fire bowl as well

Stainless steel fire bowl cooking rack for Dutchoven/Wok 189,99 
Product price: 39,99 

Awarded several times and appeared in various magazines.

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