The stainless steel grill ring - great grilling experience for the fire bowl

Barbecueing on a fire bowl - that's something you'd love to do. Our steel art manufactory offers a specially made stainless steel grill ring for the steel art fire bowls as well as for other fire bowls up to a diameter of 70 cm. 

A fire bowl creates an idyllic mood in the garden and spreads a convivial atmosphere for romantic fire evenings with family & friends. A central focal point where you can enjoy peace & relaxation, gladly with a glass of wine. With the right accessories, you can get a lot more out of the fire bowl - with a grill ring, for example, you can turn it into an excellent barbecue place that grills the food especially juicy & crispy at the same time. 

The advantages of stainless steel grill ring

A grill ring offers to a grill grate some advantages that can not be overlooked. First of all, let's deal with the operation of a barbecue ring, which is quite simple. With your fire bowl, you can choose to put firewood or coal in and then light it. Thereupon, the grill ring can already be directly put on the stainless steel fire bowl. The grill ring heats up very quickly, so that you can start grilling almost immediately. 

We are often asked whether the grill ring has to be burned in beforehand. The Stahlkunst grill ring does not need to be burned in. This is because the grill ring is made entirely of 4 mm solid stainless steel and is therefore food safe. The material remains rust free & corrosion resistant, making it excellent for use with barbecue food without fear of any health restrictions. Only steel grill rings need to be burned in - these start to rust, so this is also detrimental to health. Burning in tries to burn a film onto the steel and thus counteract the harmful rusting. Through the steel art grill ring that remains rust-free, you therefore do not have to burn in anything and also do not have to fear any harmful aspects to health. 

Another huge advantage of the steel art grill ring is the way of grilling. With a conventional barbecue grill, the smoke from the fire comes into direct contact with the grilled food, which is why harmful substances adhere to the grilled meat, which is then consumed. With our stainless steel grill ring this is different - here you grill "indirectly", because the grill ring is a plate and the smoke cannot reach the grilled food. In addition, another extremely positive effect comes to light - the grilled meat becomes very juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Through indirect grilling, the meat is roasted in its own juice, which is why the grilled food tastes much more delicious than on the grill grate, where this drips down and the grilled meat thus becomes very dry.

Thus, grilling on the grill ring compared to a grill grate is not only healthier, but the grilling result is much better. Often our customers are surprised by the great functionality of the grill ring and use your fire bowl as the main grilling place. 

Fire bowls stainless steel

Stainless steel grill ring


Matching accessories for the grill ring

To take the grilling experience with the stainless steel grill ring to the next level, there are two more accessories, of course made of stainless steel. One is the stainless steel spacers and the other is the stainless steel inner grate.


Fire bowls stainless steel

Stainless steel inner grate for grill ring


What do you need them for?

With the stainless steel spacers you get a perfect ventilation point for the firewood or coal. The wind whistling through underneath ideally fans the fire and thus leads to a high heat. It is an extremely important accessory and the purchase is enormously worthwhile. This is also confirmed by the buyers of the grill ring, who have previously grilled without the spacers and then achieved even better grilling results with the spacers. 

With the stainless steel inner grate you ideally use the central surface of your grill ring. Here you can make use of the high heat. Often our customers also use the inner grate to place pans or similar things on it. The inner grate is also very popular and should not be missing for a full grilling experience. 

If you have any further questions about our workpieces, please feel free to contact us by mail as well as in writing. As a stainless steel manufactory, we also carry out individual fabrications. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us.

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