Small camping stainless steel fire bowl "Crystalline" (pluggable)


  • Beautiful fire evenings with the small camping fire bowl "Kristallin" made of stainless steel - space-saving & stylish at the same time: The camping stainless steel fire bowl "Kristallin" lets experience small, atmospheric fire evenings. Ideally suited is the small fire bowl for fire lovers who like camping and camping - the fire bowl saves a lot of space & can be quickly stowed. Also for the small terrace or the small balcony, the fire bowl is a fine fire maker, which invites to an atmospheric, shared time.
  • Mobile & portable anywhere - consisting of 4 stainless steel plates that can be plugged together: The stainless steel fire bowl "Kristallin" consists of 4 stainless steel plates, which are simply plugged together during assembly. If the fire bowl must be transported somewhere, you put the fire bowl apart again and then have 4 stainless steel plates that you can simply put on top of each other and transport with one hand. The 4 stainless steel plates take up virtually no space and can be stowed anywhere - whether in a backpack, cloth bag, or other transportation option. Let the Camping Fire Bowl "Kristallin" become your fiery companion and simply take it with you wherever you go.
  • Made of high quality stainless steel - rust-free, corrosion-resistant & weatherproof: The camping fire bowl is made entirely of 2 mm thick stainless steel and remains rust-free, corrosion-resistant as well as weatherproof. No more rusting through as with other fire bowls - and a long durability associated with it.
  • With optional stainless steel grill rest - ideal when camping or grilling in other places: If you want to have a transportable grill option for juicy barbecue food when you're on the road, you can optionally order the matching stainless steel grill rest as well. This way, you don't have to take along a large grill or the more poorly than reasonably functioning disposable grills - and grilling works extremely well with the Camping Stainless Steel Fire Bowl "Kristallin". Through the holes in the stainless steel plates, the fire is excellently fanned and develops a great campfire as well as a very good heat for grilling.
  • Made of German workmanship - quality from the Stahlkunst Edelstahl Meistermanufaktur: The stainless steel fire bowl "Kristallin" consists entirely of German workmanship and is manufactured in the masterly Stahlkunst Edelstahl Manufaktur, known for its stainless steel fire bowls. High quality & workmanship from old-established craftsmanship.
  • 46×38,5×29 cm 

Delivery time: 2 - 4 working days

Recommended: Order matching stainless steel grill support surface as well

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