Stainless steel pizza peel with wooden handle


Bake like a pizza chef - with the Stahlkunst stainless steel pizza peel, you get the perfect utensil for handling delicious pizzas. Made from durable and food-safe stainless steel, our shovel is an essential tool for any pizza lover who strives for the highest quality.

The stainless steel pizza peel impresses with its robust design and intelligent construction. The stainless steel from which it is made guarantees not only a long service life, but also easy cleaning after each use. The generous size of the peel allows you to handle pizzas of any size up to 30 cm in diameter (diameter of the pizza peel) safely and effortlessly, while the ergonomically shaped handle provides a firm and comfortable grip. The high-quality pizza peel remains rust-free, corrosion-resistant & weatherproof and will therefore provide many years and decades of useful service - both indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to the smooth surface and carefully rounded edges, the pizza peel slides effortlessly under the pizza without disturbing the topping or damaging the dough. You can easily slide your pizza in and out of the pizza oven without it losing its shape or sticking to the peel.

This pizza peel is not just a tool, but a quality companion for anyone who wants to improve and professionalize their pizza baking skills. From professional chefs to amateur bakers, the Stahlkunst stainless steel pizza peel will help you bake and serve pizzas like a pro. In combination with a fiery pizza oven, the stainless steel pizza peel is the perfect utensil.

Size: 30 cm diameter, 16 cm long wooden handle

Delivery time: 2 - 4 working days

Awarded several times and appeared in various magazines.

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