Wax-soaked wood wool firelighter 3 KG (pollutant-free & burns for a long time)


  • High-quality wood wool firelighters from German forests - the environmentally friendly option for lighting firewood: Our wood wool comes from regional, German forests and is the environmentally friendly & efficient option for lighting a nice fire. Made 100% from natural materials, namely dry wood wool and high-quality wax, our eco-lighters contain no harmful substances and are therefore environmentally & health-friendly.
  • Quick lighting with a very long burning time: Our wood wool firelighters start burning quickly and have a very long burning time thanks to the composition of high-quality wood and high-quality wax. This quickly ignites a stable flame that lasts a long time and ignites the fuel effectively. Lighting larger logs is child's play with the high-quality wood wool firelighters and is easier than with chemical firelighters due to the much longer burning time.
  • Odorless: In contrast to chemical firelighters, eco firelighters made from wood wool are virtually odorless and have no unpleasant smell, as they are made from natural and renewable raw materials. Wood wool firelighters also leave much less residue than chemical firelighters and are therefore ideal for lighting campfires and barbecues.
  • Versatile : The high-quality wood wool firelighters can be used to light firewood, charcoal or briquettes. Perfect for the fire bowl, fireplace or barbecue.
  • Handy and easy to store: Packed in a compact paper bag, the eco-lighters are easy to store and transport. As a rule, 1 or 2 wood wool firelighters are sufficient per fire.
  • 3 kilogram pack

Delivery time: 2 - 4 working days

Awarded several times and appeared in various magazines.

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